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iPhone smashed screen replacement or iPhone 4/4s cracked LCD replacement service in Melbourne CBD, we repair most faults with iphone 4/4S in 30 minutes. Cracked iphone screen, iphone water damage repair, charging issue are fixed for you under one roof.

iPhone 4/4S Repair Melbourne

iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Screen Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Back Glass Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Power Button Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Charger Connector Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Volume, Silent Button/Audio Jack Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Home Button Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Battery Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Frame Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Back Camera Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Front Camera Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Vibrator Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Top Speaker and Light Sensor Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Bottom Speaker Repair
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Water Damaged Assessment Service
iPhone 4/iPhone 4S Other Repairs.     Call: 03 8637 7122
All the prices are up to date. No appointment required.


iPhone 4/4s repair services Melbourne Camera repair battery screen replacement australiaNeed a same day speedy iPhone 4/4s repair or screen replacement service locally? You want to keep in touch with friends, colleagues and clients, so if a dropped or damaged iPhone 4s can be a real problem, and you will need to get a repair as quickly as you can. The toughened glass on these iPhones is resilient, but can still be broken or scratched, so you will need access to experts who can carry out iPhone 4s screen replacements, iPhone 4s screen repairs or water damage repairs. There are other problems that can also occur, such as non-functioning power button, volume button or home button, or you can suddenly develop a white screen or bleeding screen, making your iPhone 4s almost impossible to use efficiently.

We pride in our self being technicians who can carry out those repairs cost-effectively, quickly and expertly.

How to get your iPhone 4s repaired

It’s so simple – just input your postcode, and pick iPhone 4s from the drop-down list of Apple devices, and you will see a selection of iTechnician iPhone 4s repair centres around and about, as well as their contact details and which of the various services they can offer. Pick your ideal repair centre, and decide which of the service options you would like to use – mail-in, Walk-in or Call-out. You can also get a quote from the repair centre for your iPhone 4s repairs, unlocking services or software upgrades by a click on the ‘request a repair quote’ button.

Walk-in means taking your iPhone 4s with you to the repair centre, and the iTechnicians will get cracking on your iPhone 4s repairs while you wait. A straightforward repair or an unlocking service can often be completed within 1 hour. More complicated iPhone 4s repairs or diagnosis services may take a little longer – maybe you will need to leave your mobile and call back later, the iTechnicians will advise you.

Some of the repair centres offer a Call-out service, which is rather convenient if you’re too busy to go to the repair centre yourself. The iTechnician will agree to meet you at your home or your office, to carry out whatever repairs you need, e.g. a camera repair or a headphone jack repair, leaving you free to get on with your day. You get the same quality of iPhone 4 repair as if you had gone to the repair centre.

Mail-in is a little slower than the other two services, because you are reliant on using a mail service, but the end results are identical. Pack up and mail your iPhone 4 to the repair centre, and as soon as they receive it, the iTechnicians will get to work and complete your iPhone 4/4s repair, iPhone 4s screen replacement or water damage repair, or maybe fix your microphone, charger port or dock connector, then pack up your device and send it back via a secure mail service.

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